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I must have flowers always and always….. Claude Monet

When sisters Kate and Sarah were planning their exclusive floristry studio, they took inspiration from their memories of Martha and Rose, two elderly aunts on their father’s side of the family. So, Martha and Rose lent the names to the venture.
Raised in the Berkshire countryside, Kate and Sarah grew up picking wild flowers and home-grown vegetables and fruit. On visits to their aunts, they would learn from them about the plants in their gardens and the ones found in the local hedgerows. Those early days were the beginning of their love of gardening.
Given this background, it is no surprise that Martha Rose Flower’s style is relaxed and natural, bringing to life a lovely blend of cottage gardens and wild flower meadows. They specialise in British-grown plants, such as scented English roses, foliage, grasses and herbs.
Clients will be guaranteed a very particular and personalised service from the sisters, who are based in a charming studio-workshop in Andover, the glorious Test Valley area of Hampshire. They bring a fresh and contemporary passion to floristry as they have taken their time to set up this business.
Kate worked in the fashion business for more than 30 years, where her personal flair and eye for colour brought her much success. Sarah brings a wealth of international perspective and a high service ethic to Martha Rose having travelled the world with British Airways for 15 years.

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Wild flowers in Andover by Martha Rose Flowers
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